How it works

(like the picture above ? Check Craig's dives in New Zealand)

Kimshi is a mobile market place dedicated to sustainable tourism, connecting discerning travellers to tour organisers. It's available on the App Store; if you're not an iPhone user, take a look here.

When you open the app, you can browse listings from local tour organisers.

You can save a destination to your profile, or send an enquiry to a host. The app features a direct messaging system and supports emails as well.

You can get a trip introduction to your email in just one tap, customise your destination with your host, and ask a formal quote.

Contacting a host

When viewing a trip, tap 'enquire', type your message, and then press "Send". You should get something like this, when looking into the app Inbox.

A message thread in kimshi iOS App.

A notification from your host.

The app requires Apple Push Notification Service to let you know of an incoming response; messaging won't work otherwise.

Can I use emails to contact a host?

Yes, their address is on the trip introduction you received from the app. As a rule, hosts can be reached using "host's-user-name" (at) kimshiapp (dot) com.

To ensure your message delivery, please use the email address you stored in your app profile. We do not support attachement at present.

Messages sent to your host are then automatically added to your conversation thread on the app.

I received a quote, I'm interested, what now?

At present, the app doesn't handle mobile payments, but this will change soon.

If you wish to purchase a trip, first check that the quote contains all the information relevant to your journey, including the host(s) contact details, company name, web site, etc..

Then go to "My Trips", slide the trip icon to the right, until a green cart shows up, and release. Fill in the contact details, review the host's quote, and if you're ok, then press send.

Your host will contact you shortly, to explain the payment options at his disposal. Some of them accept online payments, bank transfer, and others proceed simply through "walk-in".

Something isn't working !

There are humans behind support (at) kimshiapp (dot) com, feel free to send an email. If you prefer leaving a quick note, you can also use the thread below. Tell us what's wrong, we will answer as fast as we possibly can.

I'm a tour organiser, I'd like to give kimshi a try.

Kimshi is a mobile market place dedicated to sustainable tourism. In its simplest form, it just needs a bicyle, or a pair of shoes, and a keen, knowledgeable guide. More complex options can bring you to scuba diving in marine reserve, or kayaking in bird sanctuaries. Of course, there is more to see than meets the eye.

For all of them, you need to get there, travel on a plane, a car, for extended period of time. We understand this apparent dilemma, and don't aim for perfection. We aim for a balanced approach, incremental improvements, like all do in such complex line of work.

If this sounds like your motto, and sustainable tourism means concrete acts, choices with measurable effects on your guests' ecological footprint, or how your tours benefit local communities, then we'd be glad to hear from you.

Just ping us on our Facebook page, and add your contact info. We'll get back to you asap.

I'm not an iPhone user, what can you do for me?

If you are not an iPhone user, and wish to contact a host, we can register you to our back end. You'll be able to use emails, and start planning your trip. Just drop us a message in the discussion thread below, or send an email to support(at) kimshiapp (dot) com.

An android app is in its design phase, stay tuned.