About Kimshi

Kimshi is a mobile marketplace for sustainable tourism. It’s a platform that promotes simple, direct, one-on-one conversation, between tour organisers and discerning travellers. Kimshi consolidates shared information into one place, a smartphone, and fosters mutual trust, by disclosing the tour organiser details, before travellers purchase a trip.

For travellers, the app enables direct access to tour professionals. They can browse listings, and obtain details about a trip by asking direct questions to their hosts. Quotes always originate from the tour organiser, therefore travellers can check online reviews, ask friends, compare prices, prior to making a decision.

For tour professionals, who are not packagers, kimshi offers free exposure to mobile internet, and a sleek app that gives an honest teaser about their craft. We select them based on their commitment to quality, training of their people, reach into their local community, openness to explain their processes. It’s a lenghty and imperfect approach, with a touch of gut-feeling.

How it works

To contact a host, you can use emails from your PC, download the app and obtain trip introductions that fit your tablet, or send and receive updates on the go to your smartphone.

Browsing doesn’t require a login, talking needs an account. That’s the deal. In exchange, we won’t tell you what to think of Craig’s dives in New Zealand, we’ll give you the details to reach out to other people who tried it.

Scuba diving in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand Craig Johnston diving the bay of Islands, encrusted Jewel anemones.

Who are the hosts ?

They are individuals, living and working in country as moutain bike experts, dive masters, guides, passionate about active vacations, wildlife & unique landscapes.

If scuba diving in a marine reserve was on your todo list, then Craig is the person to talk to. Ever wanted to swim with wild dolphins? Cameron's trip off the coast of Tauranga might be what you've been looking for. And if you are somewhere in South East Asia looking to kayak in a biosphere reserve, check Nick's profile.

The App

The app is here on the App Store. Dear Android users, we haven't forgotten you, please stay tuned !