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Browse through a curated list of destinations, speak to local tour professionals and prepare your journey. No need to keep your emails in check, your inbox inline, it's all done for you; quotes, contact details, travel information are ready to use when you need them.

We're picky bunch on a mission to make your next trip a different one. We work with small, local tour companies, run by people long afflicted by wanderlust, and with a deep knowledge of the place they now call home.

To read their stories, check our blog.

Check their stories

Blowing bubbles, in Paihia
On a Kayak, in Cambodia
Observing dolphins, Tauranga
Spotting kiwis, Auckland

How it works

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    Our curated travel experiences, speak to local tour organisers and customise your itinerary.
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    Speak to your host, get bespoke prices, and prepare your journey.
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    Travel memos, contact details, maps, phone numbers and addresses are all in one place.

What else ?

We only work with local tour operators who know where to find unexpected adventures. We start from Cambodia - where we live -, then New Zealand, and soon, the rest of the world.

Because an iPhone is rather small device to gear up for a big trip, we favor one-on-one conversation between hosts and travellers. And, yes, you can also use emails to ask lengthy questions.

There's a great iPad version coming; if a bigger screen is your thing, stay tuned.